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Treehouse Masters: Out on a Limb


After a yummy yummy breakfast of Eggo Waffle bacon and ham and egg drenched in maple syrup Mr. Rebel and I started a new show.

Treehouse Masters surprised us by making treehouses for adults. This particular treehouse ended up being a micro brewery 21 feet in the air and painted red to honor the Amish roots of the treehouse owners live around.

After help from their real life Aimish neighbors and friends, who we learned can use technology as long as they don’t own it, this brewery treehouse took shape. Wonder if Amish, who don’t drink alcohol, can drink it if it belongs to someone else???

As a Restroom Rebel I was pleased to see amongst the microbrew cooking pots and custom made bar and tap system they also managed to include a toilet which was hooked up to, Get this, the Pee Pee Hole.


I guess the moral here is, If you aren’t Amish and are going to drink and pee you might as well be in a brewing house in a tree.

Happy days!

Restroom Rebel

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