Finding myself left behind on the weekend pilgrimage to the grocery store and being left out of getting Sonic Cheezy Tater Tots, I opted to flip through Saturday t.v. and eat Saltines. I grabbed my trusty cable remote.

CLICK CHANNEL UP – re-run Desperate Housewives
CLICK CHANNEL UP – A man with a gun bbqing out of his pickup truck bed and eating a tire
CLICK CHANNEL UP- The fish whisperer
CLICK CHANNEL UP – a lady jogging past a port a potty


I immediately paused the tv and doing what most normal intelligent Restroom Rebels do I took a shot of the screen (see above)  and then took note of what I was witnessing:

A. There is a woman stopping in front of a potty already in use.
B. The same woman is trying to pry open the door
3. The potty screams sunshine lollipops and rainbows, WTF???

Ok so either this woman while jogging broke loose something in her colon and really really needs a potty ANY potty or the porta loo is filled with gold?

CLICK INFO (for what came up see below)


(For what I saw see below)


With all facts in hand it finally made sense to me… SAF3 stands for Saturday Afternoon Foolishness and 3 stands for aliens.  Its olbvious that some alien race took over my cable waves and merged shows. Go with me on this. See The Desperate Housewives, slumming it, set up a date with the man bbqing a tire  out of his pick up truck. The Fish Whisperer being jilted by the Housewives showed up and snuck an un-seen before fish poison on to the bbqing tire. The man ate it causing him to become a carrier of this posionous gas which after he farted took flight in the air and whoosed down, due to a shift in air pressurre, attacking the jogging woman. The jogging woman being overcome by the fumes saw the Rainbow potty and its becon for posion gas excavation and made a b-line for colonairy salvation (I am coining this phrase)!

(See below for Rainbow Potty)
(See wayyyy above for un-colored Rainbow Potty)


So I guess the moral is extraterrestrial contact aside you should never screw with a Fish Whisperer AND when you find yourself really bored never play with the drawing program on your tablet.

Restroom Rebel

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