Bad Ass 2


I love Hollywood!!! It never ceases to amaze me how toilet humor can be worked into a script.

While this is not necessarily a bathroom you can’t deny that a loo doesn’t necessarily mean four walls, scented tushy paper and Kohler plumbing. You also can’t overlook the creativity of the warped mind that conceived of the ultimate payback in the form of a shock wand. One that when applied to your enemies body instantly becomes a free flowing vomit and liquid poop fountain.

This movie has given me a lot to think about, like if the shock wand will get an upgrade. If it does will the 2.0 version remove the puke bug? Just think of the millions of constipated people of the world who could benefit from it!

(Holding pinkie up to my mouth in a Dr. Evil voice) I could demand $100,000 from stopped up sphincters across this globe. Why with a device like that I could rule the world. I could even get a cool super hero name like “Poo be Gone” or The Hersey Squirter. Ya ya that would be truly Kick A$$!

Mentally yours,

Restroom Rebel

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