VW super bowl commercial


Ok so while I was sewing a “You are no. 1 at handling no. 2″ sign for a golden plunger poop award and dealing with the lingering spices from atomic chicken wings, I realized the commercials were on the tv. See tge Super Bowl has become for millions less about 22 guys risking their bodies and brains and more about the almighty advertising slots.

Take Volkswagon they managed to put out a commercial that proves above all that their cars keep going longer than the Energizer rabbit. They among others also use carefully placed subliminal messages in their ad space not that I’ve ever been affected.

So after using my Little Orphan Annie decoder ring and drinking my Ovaltine I managed to break their intense secret messages. That and 50 cents and I still have 50 cents!

Now for the message, even in a german car companies production factory size does matter! AND proper urinal etiquette says one empty stall between users for better wing span privicy!

Now if the producers of the commercial had done a better job of visualizing the rainbow coming out of their derrières we probably would have received subliminal messages that it is not the size of the arch but how you use it and once you taste the rainbow you will never go back to candy that melts in your mouth not in your hand while wearing your fruit of the looms and using scrubbing bubbles while coffee clutching with the charmin man and the jolly green giant……..

This broadcast has been halted due to a scratch in the subliminal message LP. We will be playing side B in a moment, hypnosis and how to bark like a chicken.

Bark, cluck, cluck, grrrrr.

Restroom Rebel

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